The Planet Wallywood Home Theatre plays host to Wally's pals every Saturday night for their weekly Movie Night. In addition to a 56" LCD high definition monitor and 5.1 surround sound, the audio from the main sound system plays in every room in the house with its own individual volume control. With a library of thousands of CDs, movies and TV shows, there's never a lack of something to watch or listen to! The theatre is equipped with two audio cassette decks, CD/DVD/Blu Ray player, a CD-R unit, two VHS machines, a region-free DVD player, i-Pod dock, DirecTV satellite receiver, turntable and a multi-channel receiver.

The Home Theatre is decorated with a diverse array of exhibits, including sculptures, action figures, autographed posters, Hollywood memorabilia, costumes, masks, vintage toys, movie posters, and even a robot Elvis!


When you're done taking the tour of the Home Theatre, click on the Robo Elvis demonstration video! Thank ya very much!